Out of nothing…

 Or “Ex Nihilo” as the Latin would proclaim. With these first lines on this new blog I am again amazed how we, by our thinking, talking and writing can “create” something out of nothing. Now, to get things in the right order (Lat Ordinem) we need to remember that in our own creation of text, art, words and other things we use material that is already there. It is rather “something else out of something” than “something out of nothing”. And if we look a touch closer we soon realize that it is not something else but rather the same in a different measure or configuration (atoms, electrons, neutrons and so forth).

Anyway, this is not the main reason for me writing here. The main reason for me writing is actually to share some thoughts, scripture, ancient writings by church fathers, prayer and revelations within the old frame of Great Lent. When I have been thinking and praying about my own “lenten rule” I realized how much I consume. I consume way to much food. I consume way to much media, I consume and I feel often happy about it. This blog is a part of my “lenten rule” because in it I shift from consuming Internet to producing something on Internet. I did this because it is a first step. I don’t think I would be able to remain a very happy person totally isolated from the Internet, sad as it is. But I rather produce something then only consume.

Approaching Great Lent I think it is important to remember that it is better to do a “little at each time”  then to try to “chew too much at one time”. Lent just as life is a process, and like any process the next step ahead is revealed when we master the step we are standing on. Hey, many people today even forget that they are standing on a step at all, hence they forget to enjoy the view. We are in such a hurry! One of the purposes with Great lent I believe is to slow us down a bit.

If you are a Christian (or not) and curious about Great Lent and the history and mystery behind this ancient tradition, please join me as I embark once more into this season that wants to proclaim proper balance (peace) in life. I hope you will find some joy in the journey!

In Christ

Fr. Jakob


3 thoughts on “Out of nothing…

  1. Hey JAKOB! Er… FR. JAKOB! I love you man. This is a great blog, good job on it & God bless you my friend & brother.
    Hey, just so you know, me & Emelia barely missed one of the tornados that took out the town called Henryville in Southern Indiana. We were in Tennessee for 2 days picking up plants from nurseries. On the way down, do you know what our favorite 2 disks were of all the CD’s we brought? It was a TIE between ‘BEST OF PHIL KEAGGY’ cd, and… ‘EMBRACE by SEIZURE’! Emelia LOVES it, & so do I man, I’ve loved it for years…
    I won’t say any more, other then I love you & think of you often brother, keep fighting, praying & trying, please pray for me a sinner!

  2. Hello Cory!
    Im a bit humbled by you and Emelia liking the CD. Its not my best english… But maybe that is part of the charm.. Anyway Im glad you like it. I heard about your encounter with the tornado and am very happy that all went well for you. We need to keep Henryville in our prayers. I will continue my somewhat poor english here on the blog trusting God to make me write what He wants written. I hope your lenten (life) journey is going well and that you are able to find the “gems” of life and family, even though it sometimes is a Tornado (!). You and your family are in my prayers and I hope that we can see each other soon. In Christ, always
    Fr. Jakob

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