Lent – Life

Todays Scriptures: Gen 37:1 – 11, 1 Cor 1: 1 – 19, Mark 1: 1 – 13

If we believe that 40 years is a symbol (non proper) of one generation or “a working life” which is pretty accurate, many people work about 40 years of their lives; then the 40 days of Lent can easily be seen as a “life in miniature” or “picture of our life”. The things we stop to do or that we start to do during Lent should effect our whole life, not just the 40 days. The 40 days should effect the 40 years so to speak.

Lent is a period of discerning what is good for our life as a whole. Lent is also the period of time that we are reminded of that our life is full of suffering and utter nothingness if we don’t have Christ is our life. Without the resurrection, both Lent (40 days) and Life (40 years) is meaningless. Please follow in an excerpt from the “Lenten letter” I sent to my congregation.

“As far as most churches goes we have lost a sence of obedience to the life Christ Himself lived. Our society as well as our own persons are slowly being buried under the popular slogans of “You can buy happiness”, “Ignorance is bliss” and “It’s the outside that really counts”. If we look at Christ, He stands in absolute contrast to this age of “nothing is holy”, because He is the Holy One. He lived a life of obedience by choice. He did not seek a career or His own agenda. He did not travel far away to “experiance the world and adventure”. He lived in community being accessible to whoever really needed Him. He did not say “I have a really important meeting now so I can’t come”. He did not shun the sinners that needed his guidance. He took time and helped and healed the poor both in body and spirit. He did not blame the government for the current state of the poor in the city. He assumed personal responsibility for the well-being of total strangers. He did not hate his adversaries. He fasted while withstanding the attacks of the devil. He went to parties when there was a pure reason for a party. He distributed food for the hungry. He shared His wisdom about God the Father for the ones that truly sought Him. He finally gave His life for the world so that the world once again could know peace. He did not start a war. His life was a life for the other. This is the life Christ lived.”

Lent and life (40 days and 40 years) starts and ends with Christ. If we believe in Him and let Him form us into His hands and feet we will soon realize that without Him, Lent and Life will fail.

In Christ,

Fr Jakob 


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