How do you hide, from something that’s inside?

Todays Scriptures: Gen 42:29 – 38, 1 Cor 6:12 – 20, Mark 4:21 – 34

The Church encourage confession during the time of Lent. As with anything the Church does, there is a reason for this. Going to confession or going to confession can be quite different. We can go to the sacrament because it is “required” without really examining our life and confronting our sins. If we go like this, confession is of very small benefit. We can also go with a truly contrite heart, after we have examined our life honestly and realized just how engulfed in darkness we are. Going like this, confession will transform your life. Lent is a good time to be able to go with this spirit because the period of 40 days is set apart for this very reason.

The Scriptures say that everyone will make confession, everyone will confess that Jesus is Lord. And in reality confession is just this. Going to the sacrament with a contrite heart we confess that we need Christ to help us. We confess Him as our Lord. And this, everyone, sooner or later will do. He also says in todays Scripture that “everything that is hidden will be made clear. Every secret thing will be made known.” Fact of the matter is that everything is already known to Him. We sometimes go to confession with fear because the sacrament makes physical, makes real what has only been spiritual or hidden from yourself before. In confession we confess that our sin is real and that we trust Christ to be healed.

We tend to scurry around, avoiding to face our sin and our shortcomings but how can we hide from something that’s inside? We can run all we want. We can cover ourselves up like Adam and Eve, or flee on a ship like Jonah. We can deny like Peter or become mad like (King) Saul. But no matter where we run or hide, the things that’s inside of us will follow us. God’s voice of either grace or judgement (or both) is closer to your heart than you think. He is not dependent on you “allowing Him to speak” into your life. He speaks when He want’s to. In confession we respond to that voice and we unload our burden on the One Who can carry them and get rid of them for eternity. To get rid of things eternally we need Someone who Is the Master of time and eternity. Only the Author of life can turn something dead into life. Turn nothingness into something. In confession the sin we have done becomes weapons on which we can fight the evil one. Confession gives  testimony to the resurrection.

Listen to St Symeon the New Theologian and join in with his words if your heart is inclined.

O God and Lord of all! Who hath the power over every breath and soul, the only One able to heal me, hearken unto the prayer of me, the wretched one, and, having put him to death, destroy the serpent nestling within me by the decent of the All-Holy and Life-Creating Spirit. And vouchsafe me, poor and naked of all        virtue, to fall with tears at the feet of my spiritual father, and call his holy soul to mercy, to have mercy on me. And grant, O Lord, unto my heart humility and        good thoughts, becoming a sinner, who hath consented to repent unto Thee, and do not abandon unto the end the one soul, which hath united itself unto Thee and hath confessed Thee, and instead of all the world hath chosen Thee and hath        preferred Thee. For Thou knowest, O Lord, that I want to save myself, and that my evil habit is an obstacle. But all things are possible unto Thee, O Master, which are impossible for man. Amen.

All things will be made clear by the Light Who is shining from the lampstand. So why do we wait to be freed from our burden?

In Christ

Fr. Jakob


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