What bridge do you walk on?

I live in a city full with bridges, Saskatoon. This city of bridges is currently booming. It is growing so fast you can see it. Being a city of growth both population wise and economically it goes against the current trend of big parts of North America. Soon a new bridge will be finished for the reason of accommodating more traffic and more people.

The header of this blog is a picture of a bridge as well. It is very different then the one being built here in Saskatoon because rather than business it has an ambiance of calmness. It transmits the feeling of maybe going into the unknown rather than to work. It almost looks like it is a bridge to another land. We tend to view bridges as tools to get somewhere else. We walk or drive on a bridge for a limited amount of time. Once we are on the other side we are not concerned with the bridge until we use it to get back. We never (or rarely) stay on the bridge itself. Yet, from the bridge you usually have tremendous vistas of nature. The 360 degree display of nature or skylines. But no, we usually only use the bridge as a means to get somewhere.

Sometime we view Christianity or Christ as “a bridge”. We see the crucifixion as the greatest bridge ever made. Stretched out on the cross, Christ embraces all of reality, east to the west and north to the south with His limbs. When we believe in Him we can “walk over” from death to life. From the world into heaven. We say that we walk over the pit that sin and death “made” on the bridge made out of the wood from the cross of Christ. This picture is not totally wrong. That we are saved by the economy (proper) of Christ. But this picture, which is very pedagogical and powerful is also kind of simplistic. It leaves a whole lot of the mystery and awesomeness of Christs death and resurrection by the way side.

The cross of Christ is stretched out, Christ is stretched out to bind together two realities (which is really one reality proper), heaven and earth, human and divine, spiritual and physical, grace and law. Yes, He builds this bridge between “countries”. But, He calls us not only to walk “from earth into heaven” and once we are there we do not need to walk this bridge anymore. No, He calls us to pick up our own cross, to follow Him. He calls us to walk back on that “bridge” so that we can spread the light of heaven into the world. We are a part of His body, we follow Him by being a part of Him. And Christ did not “blow that bridge that He built up” after He ascended to heaven. He is eternal, the bridge remains. We remember Him by being re – membered to His body. His body (the Church) remains.

We are called to walk on this bridge. We are also called to remain on this bridge. We are called to be a part of Him. We are called out to endure winds and storms on the bridge. We are called to show other people the way to this bridge. To be a bridge is to live in tension. And when we live in tension we must seek the strength given from God.

Walk and remain on that bridge of His,

In Christ,

Fr. Jakob


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