Light & Fire.

Todays Scripture: Gen 49:29 – 50:14, 1 Cor 11:17 – 34, Mark 8:1 – 10

I attended SEMF (Saskatoon Evangelical Ministers Fellowship) today. It is good to meet with people who share a lot of the same joys, strifes and situations as oneself. To bounce ideas, get inspiration and just get together to pray. But I also find that as we meet we are treading on the unavoidable line of “political correctness” and we meet with the understanding of certain unwritten rules.

These unwritten rules or this political correctness makes for a pretty pleasant meeting. But it also stifles honesty, vulnerability and responsibility. I realize that all cooperation between churches (as well as other organizations) takes time and proximity but sometimes you just would wish somebody (not me!) would “rock the boat” so we can “get some results”! If somebody would do that, I envision this awkwardness and  unrest in the chairs at the meeting. Pastors would get uncomfortable and raise the concern that “This is not the forum for questions like these?” And that is probably correct. What I’m getting at is that sometime a “rocking of the boat” or “kindling the fire” is needed for us to seek Christ. Sometime a storm is needed before we ask for His help. Sometime a pang of hunger is there before we ask Him for bread (like in todays gospel reading). So let me ask you: What is the occasion you dread? What will rock your life? Where does the fire need to be lit in your life?  I encourage you to think about it because it usually holds a hidden way to Christ.

I am also a part of the planning team for the Global Day Of Prayer here in Saskatoon. The event is a 10 day chain of prayer leading up to a 1 day big event on the Sunday of Pentecost, May 27th 2012. People from all over the world gather to pray during these days. The purpose is to display Gods glory. In the planning team we have people from different backgrounds and churches. In this group there is sometimes a bit of tension, fleshing the work and responsibilities out. But I think that is healthy. The boat is rocked so that we do not put our faith in our own abilities but only in His ability. The tensions are resolved when we turn to Him. When we come together in prayer. It’s funny how the journey towards something (in this case Someone) becomes a part of the destination when the destination is Christ. We tend to believe that He will only appear at the end of our journey, but when we embark to seek Him we realize that He was there in the beginning as well. He is Alfa and Omega.

Easter is getting closer and closer and we start to see the end of the tunnel, the end of Lent, we realize that the light from the fire of the resurrection guided our way through this very tunnel. And when we see our life as being the real Lent, that gives us a whole new perspective of what life is. Through the light and fire of Christ we begin to see that the struggles, the tensions and the sin all can be transformed into wepons that we can defeat the evil one. Christ light and fire exposes those deeds of darkness for what they are, and being exposed they can not remain. The Light exposes, the fire consumes. So it is with trembling that I enter into different situations of tension (Like SEMF or Global day Of Prayer), because we all know what nature has taught us, it is tension that brings about fire…

“I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun (light & fire) has risen: not only because I see it, but because by it I see everything else. “ – C. S Lewis

If Gods Spirit can be described with “Light” and “Fire” I believe that light and fire will shine and burn on everything that is not light and fire until it becomes light and fire. And naturally burning hurts a bit so that we realize what is going on. Naturally our eyes hust when we stare into the sun because it is so bright…

Seek the light and the fire of Christ and He will come to you. But also be aware of what you ask for, it may burn a bit.

In Christ,

Fr. Jakob


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