Morning has broken!

Easter is here! The season of the East. Where the sun rises above the horizon. The light comes from this direction every single new morning. The light plays with the properties and materials of the earth and color is brought forth. Shapes are displayed. Temperature and therefore life increases as the rays moves forward. The energy moves faster in the heat. Turning to the fast rising sun with our face we no longer see our own shadow. The shadow of the west is diminishing. The cold standstill of absolute zero temperatures (when all materials and life stands still) is not permanent. With heat (Fire) new movement is always possible. There is always a new morning possible for the ones who choose to believe. For the one who longs to be in the Light, in the presence of the Son. The time of darkness, when we sleep, or do activities we want to be covered by darkness, is over. The night has passed and a new day is here!

I find it pretty interesting that we are exposed to this procession of light everyday. We wake up from sleep every morning. This awesome mystery of life-giving heat and light, granted to us in a perfect balance of time, temperature and pressure. Yet, we sometimes are blind to its splendour and perfect harmony. We take it for granted because we think life to be an ordinary thing. But science, as well as religion will tell you that life is no ordinary thing. The circumstance and perfect balance required of everything physical and biological for life to happen is staggering. All the processes that needs to be in balance for life to spring forth is mind-blowing. From a scientific, logical, rational and probable perspective, life should not be happening. This tiny planet in the vast universe should not, really, be blue and full of life. It should be like other bodies and planets of the universe, dead. We breathe air into our lungs everyday and we think that is “common” or “our right.” We take life for granted (and complain when it is interrupted).

But divine Wisdom breaths life into human “knowledge”. The Divine desired more life. Divine Light can not be contained by anything we or Darkness possess. It springs forth wherever He desires It to spring forth not where we “would allow” It to spring forth. The grave, the standstill, darkness and death could not contain Him because those things are contrary to His will and nature. Death is not what Life desired, hence it power must be broken. It is a law of nature just like gravity just that more severe. So, we have this planet here, Earth full with life, rather than not.

We tend to think that small probability is a reason not to believe. We tend to think that rising from the dead is something that “can not happen”. It is to extraordinary to even believe, we think. But if you take a close look at yourself and the world you will see that your own self is a result of “springing out of nothingness”. Your life is a result of extraordinary events, processes and timing. You should (from a probability perspective) not exist. Yet you do. Our earth should not be in existence, really, it could not, be in existence if we approach it with reason only. Yet, it is here.

Rising from the dead is an extraordinary event for the ones that has been dead. Hence faith becomes the “connection” to the greater realities  of our life. But for God, rising from the dead is a natural consequence of Who He Is.

I would dare to say that if you believe that you actually exist, the logical (yet mysterious) conclusion would be that this is because the Light wanted you to. God wanted you to, He wanted it so much that He would even expel and defeat darkness. So I encourage you to live a life that displays and spreads life and light. Share this mysterious (and logical) feast of the resurrection and Easter!

In Christ,

Fr. Jakob



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