The Superman

Yesterday I found myself in a place where I haven’t been for a while. I found myself in a somewhat engaging discussion. A good discussion. A discussion that flows back and forth, a conversation where you really wish to prove a point :). I can be somewhat of an instigator, triggering loud defenses and emotional apologetics. I try to prove my point by manner of realism (proper) and holistic approach. Yesterdays conversation was about if it is naive or not to always believe in a non violent solution to conflict. I thought it to be naive (and still kind of do) and my conversation partner did not. My main argument, from a realistic perspective, is that a non violent solution to every conflict only works in theory, in our dreams. To believe in it is naive because history shows us that more often than not, no violence is punished with more violence. The suffering increases rather than reduce. I do, off course believe in non violence in principle. I have this desire, to be able to think and believe that it is not naive. That non violence can overcome violence. That conflicts can be solved through words rather than weapons. That we can rewrite history in the future. I pray and wish this, but it seems like the reality of fallen humanity has put a strain on my wishes. The “grown up man in me” has seen reality and stopped to dream to a certain degree. I find no strength in a naive approach. But then I realized today, after some reflection; If we do not dream and believe (to believe can be very naive) then we never will have a chance for implementing anything. It is our dreams, goals and believes (naive or not) that move us into action (many times wrong action however).

If we never dreamed about flying we probably would not fly today. If we never dreamed about a peaceful world more people would probably suffer. It is ironic how secular society has “dreamed up” all those solutions and products with divine attributes and purposes given that a big part of society denies the existence of the Divine. We dream about eternal life, supporting the dream with anti age lotions but we deny the reality of it. We dream about strong, beautiful bodies, supporting the dream with superhero movie productions and excercise, but we deny the ultimate healing of our body. We dream about justice and peace, support the dream through law enforcement, but deny the reality of ultimate justice. We dream about gaining more wisdom, support the dream with studying at university, but we deny the presence of ultimate Wisdom. In secular society, Divinity is everywhere, it’s just that we made divinity commonplace by misusing it. Secular society is a result of over usage and abuse rather than “gained knowledge about reality”. We do not see the wonder of a laughing child anymore. Our “grown up knowledge” has made us cynical and unthankful. We do not recognize the small miracles taken place everywhere any more. We have “defined” and “explained” our reality to the degree of robbing ourselves of any wonder or marvel. We are jaded. Is this why children has a VIP line into heaven maybe? Do they still see the small wonders of this world? Are they still fascinated by seeing a seed turning into a plant or a salmon jumping upstream in the river? I think they are, if we alow them so spend some time with the wonders of this world (instead of sitting in front of a screen, simulating real colors… whatever…!)

I do believe that down deep within every single one of us, there is a remnant of that child that dared to dream (even if it was naive). Buried deep down in our soul is this desire of finding our “Superman within”. A desire to bring peace to the world. To offer healing and help to the weak. This notion that justice will be given to the afflicted and that the world is beautiful. It’s there, deep down within. It is covered by 6 feet of dirt. It is covered by jadedness, abuses done to us, bad TV, thousands of commercials saying that we have to look and do better. Covered by cynicism, by denial of the simple and true.

My dream is that you would reconnect with that notion and desire. There is resurrection to anything or anyone that is dead and has been buried. One made the journey below and He rose again. Put your trust in Him (even if it seems naive) and He will connect you to your “Superman” or rather, to true humanity once again.

In Christ,

Fr. Jakob


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