The unholy lord of divison

So, in this second post on the subject “spiritual warfare” I will write about the enemy we face. But before doing that I think some repetition is beneficial. Keep in mind that the language I use may sound fundamental but it is not intended to. You who know me knows that I am not a “fundamentalist”. I am rather “level-headed”. I need to use this language because it is the language that gives the most accurate picture of our reality.

1. We are at war, whether we like it or not, believe it or not.

2. Your awareness of this raging war depends on how in touch you are with your headquarter. Your awareness depends on how in tune you are with your morality, your sense of right and wrong, good and evil.

3. What army you are on in this war depends on how you act upon the information your receive. It all boils down to how you choose. Do you choose to do good things , do you choose not to choose, or do you choose to do evil things.

I realized that the language in my last post tended to lean towards describing the spiritual and physical as separate realities. They are not. They are very much the same reality but two “aspects” of it. When we try to describe reality we break it down in parts (spiritual, physical) but we must not forget to put the pieces back together into a whole. Why? Well, that brings me to the subject of our enemy.

In any battle it is good to have information about your enemy. But this greatest of enemy has the ability to sway your good intentions if you are not protected by the spiritual gear of a Knight of Light. This oldest of demons has been given the power to roam the air and to enter into physical beings by matter of their choice or non ability to choose. Therefore the demon can use your good intentions and twist them into something evil. To gather information about this “chief of demons” you need to be firm in your faith. You need to rely on Christ.

The word “demon” comes from the greek word “deamon” or “daimon” and means “divider” (from root da- meaning division). That meaning stands in opposition to the purpose of Christ which is to bring salvation (healing) to the world. Christ purpose is to bring wholeness and healing, the devils purpose is to bring division and through division suffering.

This reality is seen on the smallest to the greatest level. Take a wound for instance. Often imposed by another man to you by this mans ability to  choose. This bad decision causes division. It (most often) separates the hearts of the offender and the victim. It separates the body of the victim causing and awareness of pain from the wound. The body is put out of its “whole state”. Pain is a consequence of this, alerting the mind of that something is wrong and appropriate action needs to be taken (seeing a doctor). Point being the cells in the body are put out of their whole state and into disorder (division,, stress) and that hurts. This lord of division is present in the smallest circumstance of reality.

This old demon is also present on a greater stage. We see division within the church. We see division amongst people. Some people feel inclined to separate God the Father from God the Son. Saying that Christ is not God but only a prophet, they are separate in nature. (tribal Arianism or Islam) Some people claim that the Son is not as great as the Father, they are separate in dignity. (Various kinds of heresies). Some say that God is spirit only, separating the spiritual from the physical (Gnosticism, pantheism). Some denies the Spirit all together and only believes in the physical, separating the physical and the spiritual (secularism).

The deamon has from the beginning targeted the spiritual realm, the realm of ideas and of content. He is the “Lord of the air” for a reason. Since he is bound to the spiritual side of reality he can only enter the physical side of that one reality if he is allowed to open that door by the one entity that holds the key to the door. The door is called law or time (no capital letter). The entity is man.The key is called choice or freedom.  He began his work in the realm of ideas since that is his “place of habitation” (it is not against flesh and blood that we are fighting but against principalities…) nurturing the idea by highlighting the goodness of the physical. (“the fruit looks really good”). He high-lightes and lies about  the goodness so much that we than by choice push the good into the extreme. The extreme is a place in almost no proximity to the Center. It is the place of stress. To remain in the extreme you need to push further, hence the extreme is always the place of addiction.

The lord of division (the demon) tries to draw you from the Centre. He tries to separate you from the Source of life, Christ. Some of the big divisions that he tries to nurture are:

He tries to separate male and female. He tries to separate the Old Testament from the New Testament (Conservatism – Liberalism).  He tries to separate humanity from divinity. (Secularism – Gnosticism) He tries to separate the spoken and the written word. (Nominalism – Literalism) He tries to separate the Law from choice.  (Legalism /Fundamentalism – Liberalism) He tries to separate the body from the mind. (Physical – Spiritual) He tries to separate the members of the body (disease, insanity), He tries to separate the individual from the communal.(Individualism – Communism) He tries to separate the rational from the mystical. (Scholasticism – Spiritualism) He tries to separate western philosophy from eastern philosophy. (Rationalism – pantheism) He tries to separate science and religion. (Structure – Content) He tries to separate math and art. (Definition – Expression) He tries to separate matter and space. (Atoms – Energy)

Separation is his game plan. Lying is his method. The air is his habitation and death is his companion and destination. The best way to fight him is to expose him and call him for what he is, with Christ at your side. Because no matter what your wound looks like, Christ has established laws that puts the forces of healing right to work after you received a blow to your body. Cells are regrouping and restructuring, bearing witness to that there is healing possible.

Sometimes we need to shed light upon the things that happens in the relams of darkness but I advice you not to dwell on those things for to long, giving them more attention than they deserve. Focus on the Light and the darkness will vanish.

If you get overwhelmed by the number of wounds, addictions or other events in your life and you get “killed in action” know that it is not the end. Death separates the body and the soul but Christ has the power and authority to put them back together. That, He showed and still shows us, in the resurrection.

In Christ

Fr. Jakob


2 thoughts on “The unholy lord of divison

    • Hello Ryan J. Knight.
      Yeah, it is kind of interesting how many Christians both say and think these thoughts but often we shrink away from verbalizing them in a loving manner. It is very hard to expose evil, in text or action because the deception runs so deep. We tend to either fo to “fundamental” or we stay totally silent. Its a fine balance that we only can find with the help of Christ. Have a blessed day. / Fr. Jakob

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