The root of prostitution.

The other day I read something very troubling in the newspaper( I read that Saskatoon city council are contemplating a zone in Saskatoon where “massage parlours” can operate. This could be translated into having a designated “Red Light district” where prostitution would be “allowed”.

Now, in Canada it is not illegal to exchange sexual acts for money but it is illegal to market prostitution in public, make a living on somebody else (pimping) and to operate a brothel. This would suggest that having a “Red Light District” would be virtually impossible unless law enforcement agencies turn “their blind eye” to the activities because at least “it is in a manageable area” and “we can not get rid of prostitution anyway”. I believe City Council in Saskatoon are flirting with the idea of “managing” prostitution by having a “designated area for it” (since everybody seems to believe it is impossible to get rid off) so that the problem would be easier to handle. In practical terms it would mean that city council are contemplating to break the laws of Canada.

The ironic thing is that history shows prostitution and crime does not decrease if you “manage” it like this, it actually increases. To solve prostitution you can not manage it, you have to get to the root of the problem. And what is the root of the problem?

The theological answer would be that we do not see ourselves as being created in the image of God any longer (hey we do not even believe we are created).

The humanistic (which in essence is a theological answer as well) answer would be that we do not really believe that everyone are equally valuable and worthy of love and respect.

The economic answer would be that we believe that everything has a monetary value and should be possible to buy if we desire it.

The naturalistic answer would be that we in essence are animals that only follow our natural instincts.

It is how we view each other and ourselves that is the problem.

The word prostitution means “to put of front for sale”. It is no coincidence that it is in countries of capitalism we find the most buyers of sexual “services”. We have made it our creed that “everything can be bought for the right price.” We have come to believe that everything is for sale. This notion of that we can “buy happiness” is at the root of the problem of prostitution. There are not many woman who want to be in this situation. They are almost always forced to in one way or another. They are forced (by the pimps) because there is a demand for sexual services. The root of the problem is not found in the sex industry, it is found in the one who buys such services. It is lust that is the problem. And lust is rampant because it is promoted largely by society as a whole.

When society looses its vision for spiritual things all that “is left” is the physical. The adoration of the physical is called lust. The ironic thing though is that the spiritual does not go away when we worship the physical. No, when we give into lust, when we worship the physical, it has huge spiritual consequence.

We need to realize that not everything can be bought and sold, human dignity and morality knows this. Maybe that’s why it is human dignity and morality that are being persecuted by evil forces?

I would encourage you to study the root of the heresy (not problem) of prostitution. And, encourage your local politician to do the same. Until we do, prostitution will provide what lust demands.

In Christ,

Fr. Jakob

Ps. If you live in Canada, sign this petition Ds.


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