A perspective on time

Every moment is the last. Every moment is the first. Deep down in our heart we know this. Right in between the tension of coming into existence and fading away, life happens. Time descends upon your heart (nous) like a cloak of warmth and comfort and makes you able to grasp a tiny bit of eternities unending vastness. It is a divine remnant of what was so fundamentally lost with the worship of self in the garden of Eden. A spark remained in our hearts and ever since we have been looking for the fountain of youth and elixir of life. We have eternal longings. Our hearts aches. We do not have a natural inclination and desire to die. Time, as a divine remnant is also the revealer of reality. That all of us will have to face the thing we fear the most, namely ourselves, in death. We will not be able to outrun the truth about ourselves. And the sooner we repent and face ourselves, the better. I am sometimes afraid of the people who remind me of my own weakness. We often avoid spending time with persons that speaks the truth to us for our benefit. We procrastinate in confessing our sins because we doubt that we are loveable. That God (“if He truly knew us”) would want a relationship with us. We fear that our wounds have created a monster that we need to hide. But all wounds are opportunities for healing. Light shines through the cracks. All crises brings the possibility of peacemaking. We sometimes believe that the wound and later the scar will disappear and when it does we will find peace. Truth is that scars does not disappear (not even Christ’s) but they may become a part of your person testifying about your history and the redemption you have experienced. Your person with all the scars, is eternal and to pretend otherwise is detrimental for your healing. Face your wounds, embrace your scars. Christ will meet you there and give you a cloak that is truly white. To live a life of pretence (pretence creates stress) will shorten your time, the doctors of the world concludes.

There is no escaping the separation of the temporal (the body) and the eternal (the spirit). Death will find us all. All years does come to an end. Indeed, this is the purpose of time. To bring us closer to the shores of eternity from where time came. To reveal the gate to the Kingdom from where life sprung. Because the good news, the evangelion, is that it does not end with segmentation and separation. Death has in Christ become the gateway to life eternal where there is no separation. Death could not hold the Author of life captive.

Time allows us to see, feel, smell, taste and hear the tension and energy of life. Dance, laughter, food, fireworks, poems, romance call it bliss.  A scent of the Kingdom lingering in a world that are aching for the wholeness that the return of the King will bring. He is already here if you have eyes too see. He is also coming to reclaim His inheritance, us. And right in between the inauguration and the fulfillment of the Kingdom we say goodbye to 2013 ad Dominus and welcome to 2014 ad Dominus and we pray that we would treat time as the gift it is. Giving it to others like it has been given to us. This would be to honour the Inventor and Sustainer of it. Will we pass on the blessing from eternity into the life and time of others? I pray we will. Will we cling to ‘our’ time and life to the point of utter isolation? I pray we won’t. Time will tell.

In Christ,

fr. Jakob