The highway to Your city runs through my heart

The grass is always greener on the other side of… what I perceive to be my reality. There is always a better way, a better plan. Strong visionaries and charismatic leaders seems to dream up great solutions to the different problems of the world. There is always one more path to try to build the ‘perfect society’ or the ‘just city’. I dream as well, I have visions. Not seldom I find myself thinking about what this city that I live in, Saskatoon, would look like if true love reigned here from the inside out. I think about this and often find myself discouraged because the reality seem so far from how it could potentially be. (If people just…) Then I wake up from my daydreaming and think about all the leaders, generals, freedom fighters and kings who have dreamt about this perfect society, Utopia. Everyone from Pol Pot and Stalin to Amin and Hitler started out with their idea of what the perfect society should look like. If everyone just conformed to their ideal, justice would reign. If everyone just listen to my vision for this city then everything would be alright. It does not work that way history has taught us. The freedom fighter turns into the oppressor once in power. Even the best effort we have come up with, democracy, falls short in offering true justice, freedom and hope for the countries that we depend on so that we can live our lives of convenience here in the West. We avoid pain due to other people receiving more pain. It’s nothing democratic about it. But our notion of a just city or a perfect society springs from a well that never was quenched. The plan and structure of the true city of God never went away. It was and is ignored. This remnant in our heart is used in all the wrong ways.

God created an environment (Eden) that was so good that every choice that you could make, say one, would lead you further down on the path of happiness. Can you imagine that in your own city. Imagine it was so good that every situation or choice you faced, say one, would lead you into further bliss and joy. Thats a just city/place! Now, man as we know made that choice that was not to be made. We wanted to build our own city. To form our own structure, to lay out the master plan ourselves. We did not want the city of God, we wanted the city of man. We know what the city of man has brought us. There is no single leader except One, that has the imagination and power to build a truly just city of love. We are invited to become citizens in the paradise that was lost. A paradise that never was really lost, it was always there, in front of our eyes guarded by the flaming sword of Truth.

The ones that sacrificed down their own plans and visions were/are able to see it. They were/are able to see through the veil and under the surface. They realized that nothing I can do even compares to this city. In emptying their hearts they saw that the plan has always been there and the only thing in it’s way still is that tree of knowledge. That tree of ‘my plan’, ‘my way’ and ‘my life’. In a way we are still living in a Eden situation where there is only one choice that will hinder your path towards peace and joy. The choice of rejecting the King and follow your own path. But lets be clear, when you let Christ’s plan and structure rule in your heart there is no way that you think that the grass is greener on the other side. In Christ, the Sword that cuts through soul and flesh, even the tree of knowledge got transformed into a tree of life. Lets not build another ‘perfect city’. Let us cling to Christ so that we can be the city that He is building.

In Christ

fr. Jakob


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