Light & Life

“Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.”   James 1:17

The days are short. The darkness long lasting at this time of year. Last Sunday we began the season of Advent once more. A time of preparation, reflection and expectation. A time of looking for the light in the darkness. A time of divine darkness.

As we get closer to the day of God’s incarnation we start to focus on lights in the darkness. It can be the advent wreath and the Christ candle in the sanctuary but it can also be the thousands of lights on houses, in trees and in the star sprinkled universe. We find comfort and solace in the warm glow of a candle, in the crackling of a fire burning in the fire place.

We do well in reflecting on the light rather than on the darkness, which seems so easy in days like these. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it. it is actually only light we can reflect on… (How do you reflect darkness..?)

What exactly is light? We can reflect and observe the light but it will be very hard to actually understand the essence of the nature of light. We can steer it in different directions, we can measure it’s speed, we can describe it in formula as to how it seems to work but what it is escapes our capabilities. I believe we have a hard time explaining the nature of light because light itself makes up the properties of matter (atoms, ions, molecules) by it’s interaction with them. It is because of light that we can observe in the first place (sight) but it is also because of light we have anything to observe… And sometimes light becomes so bright that we have to shut our eyes and protect ourselves from it as to not go blind.

As I reflect (!) on light I am starting to realize that maybe we gravitate towards light rather than darkness because life is found in the proximity of light. Light gives life. Much like three wise men some 2000 years ago we also look up towards the sky in the hope to find light and revelation. We, like them (maybe) also seek an answer to the deep question of purpose. We like them look to the light for life and purpose. We, like them also come to realize that there are certain limited things we can do to seek light and revelation because we ourselves are revealed through the gift of light and life but when it comes to the essence of who we are and the definition of our person, Light needs to come to us rather than us trying to capture Light. We can not figure our way out of our darkness, we need something that is external from us yet apart of us, so that there are two points of references that we can ff42dbbcc5e393b6c8072a3e5103add2dollow. That is the Way out of our darkness.






This is why He is coming. This is why He enters the darkness. Because He is the Light that enlightens the world. He is the breath of Life that sustains the world. He revels the mystery of the divine darkness of the Father (it is dark to us because it is so bright) that we can not understand in a way that we can receive. The Father reveals His love for us in the Son through the Holy Spirit, because in that way we can see the Light without getting blinded by it. He c
omes in a way that is non – threatening. He comes as a baby. He comes as gift. He comes as perfect, receivable Light reflecting the glory of the Father. He gives of His divine life, for the life of the world.

Do you hear the angelic choirs buzzing with expectation? Do you smell the sweet aroma of the incense of heaven lingering here on earth? Everything is a gift of light from the Father, the photons of light are just going crazy, continuously shaping and creating the world as we perceive it at this very moment, because He wills it so. We would do well not only trying perceive and figure out but to receive and let
go, so that we might become a part of His eternal life.

Prepare your heart to receive Him. Prepare your eyes to see Him. Prepare your feet to walk His Way. Prepare your arms to embrace Him. Open up your heart to  His life. Then you will see that everything is light, everything is gift. Receive His gift and experience the power (dynamis) of transformation through the Holy Spirit.

God is with us. He is present here. He is Immanuel.